Ranking bot not working

My ranking bot is not working it kicks you saying ranked but it did not rank you i have put the group id and role id but still not working pls help

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Please click the search icon :mag: and search people that have the same problem as you before asking and search through previous posts where people have had the same issue.

But if those don’t work, please continue this topic.

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I copy the link from this and past the into the API Url

You’re missing fields. You need to print the url that you are sending to from roblox.

What do you mean by print

Open your heroku logs and run your roblox app, see what comes up in the logs.

Where are the logs bit


:mag: Everybody asks this question, please search before you ask, this is one of the most popular questions that people could look up.

I have check there is no one likes my

People were asking these questions in November 2021. Application Center Bot - #9

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