Ranking Center Isn't Working

Hey so I’m extremely new to scripting so I probably did something wrong but it keeps getting stuck on “Currently promoting…”

I read some other topics about this and tried the tips recommended like making sure I don’t have a VPN, and going into incognito, but it still doesn’t work.


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Please show the heroku logs.

401 error means cookie is invalid. So check the cookie and try it again.

Hm still didn’t work

Where do you live? Please tell for heroku.

I live in the United States

Did you set heroku region to US?

I believe so, let me check

Yeah it’s set to the US

Did you setup correctly studio and github too?

I think so, but when I was publishing the game I overwrote the previous application center I had. Could that have messed something up?

I guess reinstall and do it again. And if it didn’t work please tell me again. If that overwrote version didn’t worked yea you messed it. So do it again.

Alright, I’ll let you know if it works


Did that turn out well?

If not, switch to RankGun - We’re now out!

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Hello all! My thing isn’t working as well when it comes to promoting. If someone fails, it will kick out, but it will not promote if they pass.

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I’m also haveing the same issue

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