Rate my Navy GFX

Hi Cookie Tech! I would like you to rate my 2nd military GFX for my personal group! (I only slightly modified the two for now)


Looks good :+1:

A few things I would change:

  • The background with the logo is a bit bland, maybe try making a 3d scene of the Whitehouse or something (I don’t really understand these military groups.)

  • Try rendering at a higher resolution.

  • Your render seems a bit grainy, try the above, or tinker :bulb: with your export/lighting settings.

  • The left arm is a lot thicker then the right arm:

What I like:

  • The position is quite good, lot’s of people struggle when positioning a rig.

  • The text on the 2nd one is really good, I like how “Navy” is almost in italics, much more cleaner.

A bit more editing and this will be a really good GFX, if this was one of your first GFX’s you’ve done really well.

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I want to lower the opacity of the black text background, but I forgot to save as a PSD.


It looks very cool! As @Noah mentioned, you should try to render this at a higher quality and try making the background images smoother (meaning try to make less pixels visible in the final product).

Thanks so much for the feedback! I will try these when I’m making the thumbnails for the game!


This logs is at: 512 x 512.

For thumbnails render at 1920 x 1080.