Rate these graphics!

Rate these graphics!

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I think the sunrays are too bright, try lowering the intensity.

For example, this is how the lighting looks like in my roleplay game;

Notice how I ensure that the sun isn’t too intense, and the actual sun itself is still visible. The sunrays also spread out until a certain point is reached, which prevents the entire view being covered up by the sunrays.

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I really like them! 9 out of 10.

I have to agree with @RealOH20 on this one.

In addition to that we need some richer colours, the wooden ground becomes way too light, if we look at the sign you can see the colour is richer then the wooden floor. I would expect the wooden floor to be deeper and darker & the sign to be brighter and lighter.

Apart from that pretty good - sun rays usually enhance the player experience & I see you have
the potential of using sunrays, keep in mind not all games require sun rays, sun rays are usually intended for realistic games.

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The sun rays is a bit to much, it seems like you’ve either duplicated this or either just made the size massive. I think one sun rays with a size of 0.25 will work, I do this with most of by builds just to make it just that tad bit brighter!

I really like the sunrays, it makes you seem like your in real life.

It does implement that, but having to much sun rays can make the game feel weird. I’ve learn that over the past couple of months as I start to do lighting as I do Low Poly/ Medium Poly builds, so I want to simulate real world roleplay.