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Welcome to the RblxImporter Manual!

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These guides will be split into section so it is easier to find and read.

Don’t have RblxImporter? Get it on the GitHub


It’s simple to grab RblxImporter, just:

  1. Go to releases on the GitHub, or copy the script
  2. Open Studio
    (Skip step 3 & 5 if you copied the script)
  3. Open ’File Explorer’ (on Windows)
  4. Open Studio
  5. Drag the .rbxm file from the file explorer to the game window, the script will import.
    (Skip this step if you downloaded the file)
  6. Make a script and paste the code!


It’s simple and easy!
Just add a script and add this code to start with

Remember, this uses ‘HttpService’, so it will need to be turned on by typing this into the command bar:

game:GetService("HttpService").HttpEnabled = true
local RblxImporter = require(game.ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild(“RblxImporterModule”))



Is there a problem? Get help here!

The contents do not import!

Have you turned on HttpService? If yes, double-check the script and try again.
If still the script refuses to import, DM me on the forums.

The script returns a 401 error!

Make sure the Module was set correctly and that nothing was mispelt, if the issue still persists, DM me.

The script disappears!

Is there an anti-virus or anti-exploit in your game?
If yes, if there is a ‘whitelist’, allow RblxImporter to go onto it. If there is no whitelist, disable the anti-virus/exploit script.

If not, verify where you placed it. This simple script should return a true if found, or false if not found

local RS = game:GetService(“ReplicatedStorage”)
local RI = RS:FindFirstChild(“RblxImporterModule”)

if RI == true then
return true
return false

If that still didn’t work, DM me and give me access to your game (Team Create or group rank) so I can investigate.

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