RDC - Quick notes 10/09/2022

RDC is now live:

Looks like a lot is happening…



Wow! That is good! So now you can say words such as lmao and other words.

I have just noticed that they are making it so you can add your clothing to your game and buy it and equip Without leaving the experience (if im correct)

“Immersive Adverts”, monetization.

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They are reworking the looks of studio. This is my favourite part so far


Oh wow, so much is happening, here is a quick summary:

  • Open Cloud Docs on create.roblox.com (with consistent naming conventions!)
  • Open Cloud Asset APIs for uploading and managing Images, Models, etc
  • Open Cloud Libraries will be available with code samples and will be automatically generated and published to package managers (they mention Python and JavaScript)
  • Ratelimits will be documented and visible
  • Mesh Uploading will be available with a standard fbx format, eliminating the need to implement the Roblox mesh format
  • Open Source Docs on GitHub
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What is everybody’s views on older players now being able to swear in chat or age ratings?


Meaning if your account is set to 8 you couldn’t play a 9+ game. If you were 13 you couldn’t play an 18+ game, what are your views on that?

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Cool cinematic from roblox:

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