Review My game jam | Asset Loaded

I recently participated in the roblox Splitting Point GameJam.

(This explains my slight inactivity.)

Please review the game I made in under 72 hours here: Asset Loaded - Roblox

I hope you like it!

Please respond with any feedback, vote out of 10 below!

Vote my game out of 10.
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I absolutely love it! I love the detail.

Anything I could improve upon!? :smiley:

I think (this might just be me) but the computers error and it never lets me out, just gives me “:(”

I got out-however it is just stuck on “:(”

Unless that is how it is supposed to be.

When you select the items, you click the red button & it will exit your camera, give you the items and crash!

Oh. You see, it just went to “:(” when I got near it. Perhaps something to fix.

What level is it on?

I found it on level one.

I got it to work, but it did that before.

This is how it should go:

(In our testing we never got an issue like that.)

Ah, okay. Thanks, Cookie!

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No worries, might have just been a once off.

Alright: 02:35AM, sleep time.

When I reset, it takes me to a weird spawn below the map, and doesn’t show the GUIs.

Don’t reset. Double press “R” to restart levels.

Ah, okay. Thanks! Maybe look into removing the reset feature.

I can’t now, no more edits allowed, game jam is over, judges are now voting.

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Good luck, Cookie! The game is amazing.

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