Revival Mission, is it worth it?


Hi everybody,

Recently this forum hasn’t had the best activity on the posting side (let the numbers speak for themselves). I understand these forums are vital for some when debugging, solving problems and spreading awareness but recently it’s been sitting in the pits.


I think it’s vital for an online community to stay alive and have interesting topics in order to keep conversation interesting and unique.

That’s why I’ve decided to lay this decision in your hands, should we try to revive the forums to try and improve activity and maybe make it more interesting again or should we leave it and maybe set it to read-only?

I truly believe that we shouldn’t incentivise users to make posts as that doesn’t create a friendly environment and doesn’t strengthen natural growth. People should only post if they wish.

This is why I leave this in your hands:

  • Make the forums read-only
  • Attempt to rebuild the forums and “re-alive it”
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Please feel free to share any opinions down below.

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Alright, the forums has spoken: When I can (it may be a while due to exams and external pressure) I will get this forums back on track.