Roblox anti cheat is finally activated

Roblox has been needing this for years. After 17 years Roblox finally has a proper advanced anti cheat system. We now have video footage of this anti cheat software.

Byfron have been known for there very good anti cheat systems used in multiple other games.


This is the first recording we have of somebody loading into Roblox with byfron activated.

Not everybody has this but soon everybody will get this, it’s currently a slow roll out. I can’t wait for this to be fully rolled out and I really do hope this kills the Roblox hacking community.

Have you received this update and if so what has it changed?


I’ve just finished playing Roblox about 20 minutes ago, I didn’t notice any significant changes to the platform … it’s really great to see that Byron is finally rolling out to Roblox players, as a strong anti-cheat system was desperately needed for a very long time.

Hopefully, this will roll out to everybody soon enough!

I hope everyone gets this soon. It’s a long-awaited feature that Roblox desperately needed.

Well this is an annoying find:

It turns out that this video was faked.

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Wait, seriously? This is really annoying, it seems people just fake stuff for popularity. Now that I look at the loading screen it actually looks unrealisitic. For example, those numbers in the corner and the “Byfron” logo in the top-left don’t match up.

Ya. I do not have this yet. I wonder if this is going to come to mac?

On MacOS? You can’t play Roblox on MacOS at the moment (as far as I know, Roblox is unsupported on MacOS, I don’t know if that’s changed) so I’m guessing not. Additionally, the video posted was a fake (read above), so we don’t even know if the loading screen will change at all. :man_shrugging:

Wait- What… What do you mean you can’t play on mac?

I don’t believe the Roblox app is currently supported on MacOS, unless I’m wrong / that’s changed since last I checked. However, if Roblox is currently supported on MacOS, then it will also recieve a Byfron update alongside other platform … whenever that may be coming.

Wait… I am so confused… So, I can’t play roblox on my Mac?

I don’t know for sure, because I haven’t checked this fact for a while. That may have changed since then.