Roblox API Open Cloud Release | Questions

Hey there everyone!

As most developers here may know, a while back the Roblox Open Cloud was in beta (I had access), and today they released it, meaning that it is now out of beta.

I’ve heard of the Open Cloud’s potential and how API keys can make a huge difference, but I don’t exactly understand the concept of this, nor how I would use this in my games. All I know is that it’s like a request being sent from Roblox to another software but nobody is able to intercept it. I also know that Discord bots also have something to do with APIs and webhooks.

I’m wondering, can this also be linked with a website, for example, or external third-party softwares?

I believe it can, the DevForum has a couple posts you could check out.

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I will be releasing a video & topic on this later tomorrow!

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