Roblox broke their own site... Again

Roblox has made an update that breaks. multiple parts of their own website!

Game discovery has changed a lot of the platform, it’s not surprising that roblox has changed this. Roblox has been testing a cap on how many games are shown under a category & it seems they’re now rolling it out.

This is stupid? What is the point?

Chloegames gave us this example, she only gets 30 games shown to her:

They keep making game discovery terrible, it’s hard for non-exposed developers to find light on the platform & this is really really bad.

I really hope this is reverted, but this is what this update does to the site:

This is terrible, roblox, please remove this…


This change by Roblox is very bad and useless.

Why did Roblox even do this? It hurts the Roblox dev community because now their new and small games won’t even show up on Discovery anymore.

Also, why did they add a limit for the number of games shown on the page? I don’t know. There was never a problem with website lag, so all Roblox is doing is harming their own platform.