Roblox Corp. is worth more than FedEx?

Hey everyone,

This is a two-day old news article, but I was shocked to learn that Roblox Coorporation is valued more than Ferrari and FedEx, according to the Apple stocks app and YahooFinance.

This must be great news for Roblox and their company. They are really on the roll at the moment. Do you think Roblox can keep it up? Let me know!


Doubtful. Between their terrible support team and false moderation, new players get driven away quickly.

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Is it even a team?? XD. Asking somehting, they literally paste the support guide or the article you clicked more help… And when you respond again telling it doesn’t work, they literally send you the same. “Hello, Dave here!”… They’re all teenagers who want to do things bad and fast.
Horrible support.

I think they will keep up there. New players aren’t driven away, it’s older players.

8 months later and the roblox stock is doing horrible. @cam 's prediction was correct


It was most likely due to Covid ending, we’re now recovering which is a good thing.

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I’m hardly surprised, Roblox has gotten worse and less-child focused, but older people just aren’t interested. They’re driving the people who want to play the game away, and attracting no one.