Roblox Dynamic Heads - Opinions?

Hi everyone!

I wasn’t watching the RDC 2021, but I assume that this new feature called Dynamic Heads was introduced at that time on the DevForum by a Roblox staff member. Basically, this means that soon and hopefully, Roblox avatars and NPCs will be able to get facial expressions, which is a huge leap in avatar realism. In my opinion, this will be just awesome and pushes more opportunities to creativity.

They are creepy, I have mixed feelings about the idea, I think it will be interesting for the first 5 minutes, and then everybody will stop using it. I don’t think it will be noticed that much either, because normally your in 3rd person you cant see yourself. I think that if they do this correctly it will be a really cool edition, I don’t think players should be able to change there faces but only the developers of the game can change the faces of the users. If developers can change faces they can make the characters respond to types of tasks which will be kind of interesting.

Personally, I hate them isn’t Roblox a block game?

Well roblox wants to reach out to more people and try to get more of an older community on roblox.

Roblox does not always have to be block-like all the time, for instance terrain is not at all blocky. They aim for a more modern and interactive way of communication on Roblox with these new dynamic avatars + heads.

Based on what has been going on lately with Roblox, it’s safe to say that they wants to push the boundries of creativity and improve realism.

RIP Ipad kids.

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What do you mean? These avatars are coming to every single type of device which can run Roblox.

It will be interesting to see what you can actually do with the faces. Like maybe change eye colour, hair, eyelashes mouth position, I also wonder how they will make this a feature that isn’t interesting for just 5 minutes.

Because if your like me you like playing 3rd person, where you avatars face is not looking into the camera, so my question is how will I control my face without having to press a ton of buttons & how will it remain interesting if I cant actually see my own face.

The thing is, wouldn’t this kind of defeat the purpose of limited faces in a way? Because your avatar’s face will change anyway.

In reply to this, if Roblox was a block game, spheres and cylinder parts wouldn’t exist.

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