Roblox ER:LC - Largest Summer Update?

Hey everyone!

For those of you who play Roblox roleplay games, perticularly Emergency Response: Liberty County, you may know that about a week or two ago, the developers of the game released the biggest update yet, known as the Summer Update 2022!

As always, every once in a while, the developers of the game would add in some small changes and new features, such as new cars or building changes. However, compared to all those updates including last year’s Summer Update 2021, this update was a huge change for the ER:LC community.

What are the key differences from past updates?
As described above, there are several huge changes that made the Summer Update 2022 better than ever.

A few key differences include the following, listed from major to minor changes;

  • 2x in-game map expansion
  • Largely overhauled city + buildings
  • New highways + larger roads
  • New town called “Springfield”
  • New parks + pond in the “HIghrock Park”

How much do people like this update?
“Like” is an understatement … people love it! Several ER:LC YouTubers have came up with hundreds of new roleplay ideas to use in videos and media. A lot of players have found new discoveries as well as tips and tricks to use the new map to their advantage.

So, I ask you this; how much do you like the new Summer Update 2022 to ER:LC? Let me know below, and rating using the poll would be appreciated! :heart:

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I’ve never played ER:LC much, but this sounds huge! To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a Simpsons family in the new town “Springfield”!

Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of people still benefiting off cops who aren’t familiar with the new map.

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The update looks really cool, however I feel like they lose some detail from making it bigger, I also feel like they lose a little bit of that “ERLC” feel - for those who vote 4 why did you vote 4, this is always something that confuses me, why vote for 4 if you don’t have something negative changing your vote.

If you have nothing negative you should rate something a 5, it’s something people do when they want to vote something positively but they’re not entirely sure what they think of it, I personally think that viewing the negatives of someone’s project is very good, it helps them work out what they need to fix in order to thrive.

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So I am a big roleplay game fan, I love erlc its a really nice game and this summer update was just great. The map needed a expansion and I love how they updated there buildings. The Highrock park is also really cool, I could see alot of rps going on there, if you have a private server you could upload a park ranger livery and uniforms. The devs really out did themselfs.

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Yeah, a lot of private servers are making great use of the new map … I’m sure the developers have much more in store for the future to impress the community even more!

i play greenville the most, it has a base of where it is.