Roblox is not dying 8M world record

Roblox has just hit 8M active players at a time which is a crazy statistic, to think about, a record for Roblox, many people consider roblox could be dying, but it’s complete opposite, they’re not going anywhere fast.

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RoMonitor which is the best application for this shows us what a crazy number this is compared to what roblox has done before. That’s all time high for Roblox.

People say Roblox have terrible servers, which isn’t true, I believe the reason for the downtime is inefficient and old code being mixed with new code which can caused issues.

I can’t wait to see what this amount of people brings to our community!

On Saturday we had downtime & today we’re having downtime, Roblox needs to improve this. We’ve hit the record twice, but Roblox needs to strengthen the Roblox servers, it’s a major issue.