Roblox Loading Speed is very fast

Most people hate waiting on loading screens.

But now roblox has made the new loading screen very fast. :speedboat:

Of course, a lot of factors will affect this such as game size, computer components and internet. But here is a very cool clip from ChloeGames demonstrating this feature.

Roblox used to always be known as the platform that would lag and crash. So, I love to see this improvement in performance.

What are your opinions on this win or din & have you experienced faster loading times recently?


Yep, I’ve had the new loading screen for a week now.

It’s really good, one thing I noticed for sure is that the loading time has decreased quite significantly, the design of the interface is also pretty nice.

My stats:

Old loading screen:
1 minute to load

New loading screen:
Almost instant

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It’s such a nice addition to the platform. In fact, it loads very very fast, it’s insane what they made so far. Yet simple but nice update from Roblox.

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