Roblox may go down tomorrow

Pet Sim X has confirmed they have planned a major event to be happening this Saturday at 11AM PST. As usual we should suspect that down time is imminent.

I hope that Roblox doesn’t go down & I will be for sure monitoring the events as they un-fold. This may be the time we hit 10 concurrent users.

What do you think?

  • Roblox will down
  • Roblox won’t go down.

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Roblox may hit 10M CCU today, this may cause roblox to go down, watch live now:


8.17M right now!


8.3M now!

8.9 Million and counting

We had a decrease, roblox may be going down right now.


I’ve been playing Doors for the last hour, thankfully Roblox did not go down for me. I only experienced a few teleportation issues / graphical issues (e.g. lights didn’t flicker for Ambush)

I beat the game as of 10 minutes ago, if Roblox went down I would have been really mad …


Roblox didn’t go down for me either, although we have now passed peak player activity & are now decreasing. :slight_smile:

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Well, good for Roblox. 8.9M CCU is a lot, I’m glad their servers were able to handle it this time.