Roblox + NFTs (what could happen)

Hi! With all these NFTs becoming more popular on time, we can be sure that NFTs will reach all the world. Well, the most popular blockchains are Ethereum Blockchain and Polygon.
Obviously, this are open Blockchains, meaning everything can be minted into them. But, what if any future, Roblox opened a Blockchain, such as Roblox Blockchain? That would be amazing. Audios could be made into NFTs into the proper Roblox Blockchain, or maybe UGC could also be sold, and later current owners could resell it. Keep in mind not everything would be minted, the person which uploads it decides if everyone can use their item (audio,UGC,etc…), and we would use the robux to buy, how not.
Roblox released the audio privacy update recently. What if this is going to come in some years? Would audios also be like NFTs?..

Now, about ownership of that NFTs:
In your profile, items you own would appear. And, they would finally add something similar to DevEx but for everyone, with no requirements. Depending on the current robux value you could exchange robux you desire into cash!
What are your opinions about this?

I don’t think Roblox would ever release NFT’s, I have seen twitter do it in the past but what are the odds :man_shrugging:

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