Roblox Releasing NFTS!?!

Well. Our thoughts finally have an answer.

Roblox is looking in the direction of NFTS

In an interview Roblox’s CBO (Chief Business Officer) said: “In the future, do I expect us to be enabling things like NFTs? Absolutely. I don’t see why we wouldn’t do it…”.

This has sparked alot of debate, and anger in the Roblox community with lots of Roblox youtubers just straight up getting upset.

A popular youtuber/streamer Kreekcraft said this:

“Controversial take but I don’t want NFTs anywhere near gaming. I don’t want “Play-to-Earn” crypto games either. The past decade of gaming has been nothing but broken promises and subpar experiences brought on by large corporations and greed”

As per my personal opinion. I agree with what Kreekcraft has said. We’ve seen too much pay to win games get large. Especially in the Roblox community (Pet Simulator X). I don’t think this will be any better.

I believe that if Roblox releases NFT's it will go something like this:

1st minute - Nothing

After 5 minutes - RTC & Bloxy News will tweet about it

After 10 minutes - Roblox youtubers & Random investors that have little knowledge about Roblox start purchasing

After 15 minutes - Trending on twitter

After 30 Minutes - Youtubers start talking about it & RTC & BloxyNews will talk about who purchased it.

After 45 minutes - Outrage in the community because of possible pricing & resellers

After 1 hour - Things will start to die down but it will still be trending

This is my opinion of the timeline and what will happen if Roblox releases NFTs.

But aside from that. It is very interesting to see how quickly things are now moving in the Roblox Community. Let me know what you think of this.




I’ve never exactly got why people buy NFTS, it’s a bit of a strange thing. NFTs aren’t environmentally friendly and due to this Roblox would lose a lot of respect from players. Also, not many people can afford to pay 40k for a photo that you can screenshot.

NFT’s are essentially luck, or donations, sometimes NFTs are good (raising money for charity & other such things), but I don’t get it. If any NFTs get introduced roblox will completely lose a lot of respect & take a massive fall.


I don’t think this could be good for the platform. Twitter had done this a while back and now I don’t know how they are holding up with it.

As Roblox is a platform for children, I don’t think they would know how they work and what they can do with them if that makes any sense.

NFTs don’t seem like a reasonable update for Roblox as a whole.

Roblox, as we know it, is an online gaming and game development platform. NFTs would only make the website more … crowded.

It just doesn’t seem worth bringing NFTs to Roblox. This is a gaming and development platform, and it’s not really meant for selling NFTs. I have a feeling this would only make things more complicated in a way or two.

Plus, as @Deleted_User12 mentioned, what would we really do with them? Sure, we can admire and look at them, but we can’t use it for anything.