Roblox’s 2022 recap

Hey, Cookie tech community! Recently Roblox made their 2022 year in review, so I figured I would recap it!

  • Animation editor
    • Roblox optimized the animation editor to make sure less key frames can be used
  • Canvas groups
    • This allows for UI elements to be grouped together and rendered as one.
  • R15 animations
    • Roblox added strafing & backpedaling to R15 animations.
  • Merch booth developer module
    • This developer module allows users to make a shop in their game.
  • Particle flip book
    • This allows developers to animate particles over a lifetime.
  • Material variants
    • Roblox upgraded their existing materials, and added some new cool materials!
  • Humanoid physics controller
    • This update made humanoid physics more customizable.
  • Facial animation
    • This added a new type of face that would be animated, also known as dynamic heads.
  • 3d importer
    • This allows developers to import a variety of 3d models

What are your opinions on this? I’d love to hear them!


These are all a ton of updates I’ve enjoyed and I remember even talking about them, 2022 has brought quite a few good roblox updates.