Roblox Starter Investor Guide - Part 1

Hey everyone!

Recently, a lot of new Roblox limiteds have been popping up and I’ve been making decent profit out of them. So I have decided to create a tutorial just for you guys and help you make some potential profit using these skills! Keep in mind, I am not a professional investor just yet.

In the next coming days at time of posting, there will be a few items that are on sale for a cheap price and they will be going limited soon, which will allow me to use them as more examples for the next part(s) of this tutorial. So, welcome to part one of my Roblox starter investors’ guide tutorial for the community!

What are Limiteds/Limited U?
So in simple words, a Roblox Limited, or Limited U, is a special avatar accessory or a UGC item that can be invested into and you can buy multiple quantities of them. Unlike regular accessories on the catalog, these are usually uploaded by the official Roblox account and they are unique.

Limited Items are those which were once sold by Roblox and will not be sold again, and anybody who own these items can re-sell them to other people on the platform for the price of their choice.

Now, a Limited U (Limited Unique Item) are those which are once sold by Roblox and are limited in-stock. This means that there is a limited amount available.

Let’s put it this way … have you ever tried shopping for something online but it’s out of stock? This is the same concept! If you wanted to buy a Limited U, then you’d better get it quickly and hold onto it for a while.

How do I find cheap Limiteds/Limited Us?
This is a question many have when they start off, and I’m here to answer.

Usually, including me, people always keep track of events as they frequently put up new future limited items.

Another way is to visit the Roblox Catalog and head over to “Collectibles.” Then, select the creator as “Roblox,” and at the top select “Price (Low to High)” instead of the default-selected “Relevance.”

Take the current event for example, the Super Bowl event. I purchased the Super Bowl LV1 Crown on Thursday, February 10th, when it was reported to go limited the next hour. This was originally a regular item on the Roblox Catalog on sale for 400 Robux. When this item went Limited, the value and RAP (Recent Average Price), started to increase. This happens with every Limited or Limited U item, since many people take the chance of buying a new cheap Limited, bringing up the value in your favour (unless, of course, you want it to decrease to buy more in quantity).

I checked today, at time of typing out this long tutorial, and the value was within 900 Robux. However, I planned to wait a few more days and then sell it, because prices tend to increase slightly, or the opposite. I took the risk of waiting longer.

What is the difference between RAP and the current selling value?
So, a RAP stands for the recent average price, which can help people predict how much a Limited or Limited U might go up to in terms of value. Every limited item on the Catalog has a RAP along with a chart display.

When I invested into my first limited, I trusted the RAP a bit too much and made some loss. That’s when I learned that you can’t always rely on an item’s RAP

Now, the selling value is the value of how much somebody is selling the limited item for. When somebody sells something, they want to make a profit. Since Roblox takes away 30% of any limited item sold, we investors tend to sell these when the selling value is high and when it’s a reasonable time to possibly sell.

Think of it this way; when you sell something on a platform or using somebody else’s services, they have the right to take a small comission of your earning from selling an item, since it is their platform/service that you are using to sell. As for Roblox, they take 30% when you sell a limited item, and give you the remaining 70%. This is also known as “Reselling” on the Roblox platform.

If you sell your limited item for a very low value, you go to the top of the resellers list! Take a look at the example below:

Notice: These usernames have been hidden for privacy reasons.

As you can see, whoever sells for the lowest amount will get the top spot on this list. Whoever buys next will most likely purchase the cheapest one, therefore you can get your limited item sold quickly! And, whoever sells for the currently highest amount will get the lowest spot on this list, making it less likely for their limited to get sold quickly since people usually pay attention to the cheapest available.

But, remember, don’t sell it for too cheap! For example, if your limited item is selling for 100 Robux at the cheapest, try selling it for 110 Robux or 120 Robux so that you gain some extra Robux from selling. Plus, it will be visible on the top resellers’ list.

However, if your limited item is selling for 100 Robux at the cheapest AND you are currently making some profit and don’t mind selling it for even less, you could try selling it for 95 Robux or around that range, because you will make good profit either or and you will be on the very top of the resellers’ list, depending on how many others are selling for the same price.

So, this is it for now and I really hope you enjoyed the first part of this tutorial! This was a really hard topic to write and cost hours, but I’m glad to help the community. In the next unit, I will be going through how to trade limited accessories as well as the limitations.

Notice: Any term that refers to “today” is refering to February 12th, 2022.

Happy investing,


Cool post, must have taken a long time write!

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Amazing!!! Wow wow wow! Cool!

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Me raking in robux. lol

Wow! This can help many users on the platform to start investing, and making more Robux off of it. Love the detail you have put into!


Out of interest how much robux have you made so far?

In the beginning, I’ve made a few mistakes with investments. Recently, though, I’ve been taking advantage of new limiteds and have made about 400 Robux in profit.

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I’ve head of the Rolimons platform which can assist when it comes to trading, trading isn’t my strong spot, so I would be interested if you could make a tutorial for this!

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I had a limited once.

Got really impatient and I sold it 35 minutes after I got it, bought it for 898 sold it and earned 608 robux.

Didn’t read the whole thing as I’m really tired - but if you didn’t add it in,
You have to be patient!