Roblox updated the report menu

Almost every single roblox user has been threatened. “IM GOING TO REPORT YOU!”, this is classical roblox threat, one that is not very strong, even when you do report a genuine rule breaker, they never seem to receive justice, this is until now, well, I hope…

Some of us may have early access to the roblox beta app, apparently some users seem to get this new menu when you report this user, this allows us to report things in detail, I also see that the anti-spam tools are getting increasingly advanced, most chat spammers are getting warned very quickly, some if a matter of 15 minutes.

Which is a massive leap for roblox moderation.

Did you know that the roblox moderation has been the same since the time roblox moderation released? Well, I certainly didn’t & I’m glad roblox is working on changes regarding this subject as I’ve always seen this operation of the roblox platform doesn’t work out as it should.

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Interesting what they mean by “This person is following me”, I wonder what they mean by that, anybody got any ideas?

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I’ve come across these “threats” so many countless times … finally we get some more report options that are applicable to these sort-of-threatening messages.

I think what they mean by people following you is not in the sense of hitting that “Follow User” button, but maybe they meant following as in following avatars in-game. Which is pretty weird, because roleplay games especially have player following in-game in different roleplays.

I tried this on an alt, as soon as it detected I was spamming- I got kicked with the classic error for a moderation action.

Warned within 5 seconds of spamming…

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