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who think they should make it where you can use your school id to verify

I think you can use school id, any Id with birthdate, face and official reg numbers. should be able to used, but I’m not entirely sure.

But I mean that’s up to the verification system to add, not roblox.

I don’t think you can use a school id

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I do not think so. Tried to use one but had to go through manual review and got declined.

A passport / Drivers license / proof of residency should work. They will tell you the methods at the start of verification or the first attempt of an unsuccessful ID check (unable to verify if it is a passport or drivers licence)

I personally used my passport, I guess your student ID is not a government assigned document.

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Is that the same thing as a student ID? I’m pretty sure a student ID is assigned by the school board or educational ministry.

Typo, fixed on edit.

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