Robot - The game that exploded

Recently we’ve been hit by the wave of Chat GTP, an advanced AI chat bot that can help you in every day activities.

Hazem came up with a genius idea and has created this in Roblox, which has obviously taken into the social media stream. To access it’s R$25.

To be honest, making something like this shouldn’t be too difficult, my question is how he affords to keep the game online as OpenAI is very expensive.

Oh okay, that’s clever:

However, I think you’re going to be better off paying yourself for OpenAi as it may be a lot cheaper, it’s very interesting though & I would love to see how AI will change in the future, I might use it in some of my games!

It’s very cool, however it is a bit of a rip off, its’ very interesting and I would love to use AI in my game.

Let’s see what comes of this!

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