Rogers Communications - Large network outage in Canada

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For those of you who live in Canada — or have been seeing articles related to data networks — you may or may not have found out that the largest network service provider of Canada, known as Rogers Communications, has experienced a very major outage nationwide. This has lead to a series of problems, all of which I will explain below.

What is 'Rogers Communications?

Rogers is known as the largest — sometimes argued as the second-largest — network service provider in Canada. They’re responsible for managing millions of wireless, cable and Internet connection services, which most Canadians rely on to do things in everyday lives.

Where is this outage in-affect, and what are the impacts?

This outage is currently still in-affect throughout various places within Canada, as there are over 11 million wireless customers who use Rogers Communications as their provider. What’s worse, the presumably third-largest network service provider, known as Fido, is also down, due to the fact the company is under the control of Rogers as of some time ago.

This outage is a severe issue for major Canadian cities, such as Toronto (Canada’s largest city), large cities in Quebec, such as Quebec City and the popular island-city of Montreal. The Canadian capital city, Ottawa, is also affected by this, and many more cities as well.

Almost all major cities of all provinces are very affected by Rogers Communications outage, as government agencies such as the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency, they take your taxes) as well as CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency, they manage international travelers)

Now, this isn’t all … people aren’t even able to pay using debit and credits cards as well as tap-to-pay machines, as their cellphones don’t have any form of communication with the network service provider. Notably residents of Victoria in the British Columbia province aren’t able to pay property taxes, which is really essential.

What has Rogers Communications done about this?

Rogers Communications has stated that they are ‘making progress’ and ‘trying to get services back online’ as soon as possible. However, people are getting restless and this can harm the company’s reputation.

How are people still able to communicate?

Some people — like me — use another popular service provider known as Bell Canada, arguably the most popular or second-most popular network service provider in all of Canada.

Bell Canada has confirmed that their services are ‘still operational and unaffected’ by the outage of Rogers Communications.


All in all, this is something Canadians did not at all expect from a network service provider giant, and this outage will surely have some impact on the company and agencies as well as credit card companies. Lets hope this gets fixed soon, as many people are still left without network connection. :+1:

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Oh! I did know about this! However, you missed a few important points:

  1. It is down for payment too, only credit or cash.
  2. BC’s services were also down.

Luckily, I don’t use Roger’s, and I was safe, however, I was unable to pay for services today and had to use cash.


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My home network and people around me use Rogers thankfully my mobile is on the bell network so I was able to use data during the outage. This is the problem with a monopolized industry.

For the love of god 911 wasnt available!!! We need more competitors in the market

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Ah, yes … forgot to mention that, too.

Some people say Rogers may be violating some rules because of that, 911 should always be available to everyone to use.

If it was a complete accident I don’t think Rogers will be violating rules, if they can’t do anything about it, or there is no good alternative I don’t think there is much they can do.


I haven’t seen anyone who said rogers violated rules. It’s just the fault of a monopolized market. 911 was working fine it was just that people couldn’t reach it (i.e it wasn’t available)

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The 911 system itself was functional, however people who were using Rogers during their outage simply couldn’t use the 911 service.

I walked by a Roger’s Store during the outage and they had a sign that said “Harassment will not be tolerated towards employees”

Also, where I live we have a lot of Roger’s media radio stations and they went down.

yeah thats what I said. But I’m talking about “Rogers violating rules” Which they didn’t?

Oh wow, the people are that down bad that they’re harassing employees?

Seems like it, or it may have been a precaution, which I’m hoping it is.

Not a big surprise, a large network service provider such as Rogers should not be going down for such a long time.

Sorry, I made that confusing, I was hoping it’s a precaution.

Yeah but I don’t think anyone in their right mind should go harassing people who get payed minimum wage just to sell you their products


True, but unfortunately there are a lot of impatient people, I think we’ve seen a similar example in February …

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Yeah, they had a lot of advertising where I live, they even had Roger’s booths for people to buy their internet, which was a bit far.

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Not necessarily going too far … a few shopping centers near my residential have Rogers buildings where you can purchase services. Bell and Fido do this, too, in order to attract potentially new customers or save the hastle online.

This wasn’t a shop though, this was a tent that they had to set-up that day. I’ll send a photo of a generic one (not the one I saw) just for show:

Turns out I ant find a photo.

Fido is owned and operated by rogers

Yeah I know, I’m just saying that they have buildings, too … except that Fido shares their building with Rogers.