RTC | Why was RTC closed for a while?

Many people are very well aware of the RTC account, if you don’t, I will just sum it up for you, the RTC account is utilized for making posts regarding roblox news.

The roblox RTC account is managed by a group of people & is often very active, however:

You may notice that they haven’t been making very posts recently, we can see that there last post was were a couple of days ago.

They state that they are back now, which is excellent to hear, but I’m going to be reading and explaining to you why they closed for that small period of time, if you scroll down you can see their is a post to a good doc explaining why they took the account down for a few days.


The owner, ZAZC has claimed he doesn’t like the way that the account was going, he thought his simple “News account” was just turning into a drama account.

Here we can see that he really does not enjoy drama & is not intentionally trying to cause harm:

I’d prefer this account neither to be a drama nor a news account. Let me tell you the path I’d rather see the account embark on. I desire this to be an account that embraces positive changes within the community

He states he wants to start reporting positive stuff too.

I think RTC really wants to change how people perceive the account and want to change it.

If you would like to read the entire doc you can go here.

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I’m not sure, actually

What are your you quite not sure about?

I’m not really sure why they closed it down

It’s because people were getting angry and starting drama with the owner, causing a lot of unnecessary drama.

Oh, now it’s makes a lot of sense

Tanooki alex and her partner needed a break. It was due to burnout. Ontop of school and running a youtube channel and a podcast the two members of rtc were literally posting updates 24/7 and with roblox going down alot this was a problem. Because they would post live updates. Tanooki alex also stated she needed a break

Agreed, it can be a lot more difficult making YouTube videos then people think.

I didn’t know about this news account. I’ll follow them. Nice post

The only issue is, reporting positive stuff is still news to the community.

True, people will find bad things when good things happen

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