Sales Board | Feedback

Hi Cookie Tech!
So I recently made a sales board for my friend to use in his games, and for everyone else to use and I wanted your feedback on it!

What do you like about it?
What could I improve on it?

I enjoy hearing your feedback


That looks really nice! I’m not sure if that was there in taking the photo, but there’s a purple box on the top.

Was it was there while taking the photo, sorry! I had my cursor over the part so it highlighted it.

Ohhh okay, then I wouldn’t change anything! :smiley:

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Thanks for your feedback :smiley:

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Very good and modern … but there is a spelling error :memo:

“Emergeny Repsonce Team” should be “Emergency Response Team”

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Its really nice!

Good work, however I would edit a few thing

Try changing the green text to white text and making it bold with rich text.

And rather then having the board on a stand can you put it on a wall?

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I am currently working some a wall sales board, so everyone has an option to either one. i was also thinking about releasing it to everyone on the forums so they have a chance to test/use it :slight_smile:

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Awesome! :star2:

That would be an excellent usecase for #tutorial:community-resourcse