Scale Tool broken?

Whenever I attempt to use the scale tool on parts, it won’t work, and it just does that weird orange highlight that appears when you can’t make a part any smaller.

How do I fix this?

I’ve just noticed, this only happens when the part is placed on terrain.

Still very odd.

Hmm … if this was a mesh part then I’m pretty sure there’s a limit to how much you can shrink it. The same goes for regular parts as well, I haven’t seen any orange highlights using the scaling tool.

This may be a scaling bug on Roblox’s end.

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Can you show us a video based on this.

I also set the category of this topic to #development as it’s better fitting!

Ok, I found out what went wrong.

Somehow, collisions were on, even though everything displaced as Collisions off.

I found this out after I had logged out of studio and back in. It must’ve just been some strange bug; too bad I didn’t get proof of it.

Just know if it happens to you too, you are not insane.

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