Second logo thing

i tried to take your tips into consideration and i made up this studio name for it, yeah

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It looks ok (8/10). Just two things, brighten the colours (im british sorry if I spell it wrong we spell it like that here) on the developers part. Doesnt looks very bright.

For the little gear on the top right corner :gear:, the shadow seems inconsistent, try making that right part of it less ‘shadowy’

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alright. was kinda basing it off of an image i had in my mind so i wanted it to be darker, but for kids to like it which is kinda the point of roblox logos i see brighter. and for the gear didnt really notice that, it was just like the first colored one on a png site i use, but noted

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So this is the Impulsive Studios logo, I recommend taking inspiration off this and try not making it into a banner?

Im not tryna be mean but it does seem a bit off, like where you put the controller it seems a bit weird and the text is slanted or that might just be me seeing things.
I have uploaded a icon which is basic but the text is perfect

Agreed, add a bit of shine or gloss to the the text, the background is too thick, is it a cube or is it supposed to outline the text?