Series by Eastside | Will it takeover Hyra?

Hey Cookie Tech,

Recently, Eastside Platform Announced that they will be making a Staff Management Platform, called Series. The site says it’ll be Free to start off. What do you think? Let me know down below :point_down:


Going to be interesting, they’ll be head up against RankGun, as we plan of releasing our dashboard in summer of 2023.


This is gonna be good! Ima compare against rankgun. Maybe a table :smirk:

Edit, RankGun Vs. Series Vs. Hyra :eyes:

lol. :eyeglasses:

Feature Rankgun Series Hyra
Pricing: Free + Elite Plans Free (As of now) $120 /year (I think)
% That is free (approximately) 50% 100% 0%

@Boo Did I make any mistakes?

While this seems nice on the surface - I’ll be honest: this is not gonna look good. I’ve seen countless things against Eastside and I’ve been falsely banned on MULTIPLE occasions. They have a constant of lying, manipulation, and even using the product against server owners. Series won’t be much better.

I think Series will be a pretty good product. I signed up for a demo and got to do a video chat with an employee.

Cool, and thanks for joining our community!

I was just looking at eastsides website,

and all a sudden a file downloaded onto my computer.

Now I have malware lol.

(@HayHay + @peter, I might be down for a little while)
@cam, I totally agree with you. Eastside IS NOT safe!

I doubt that was from eastside, I doubt they will give you malware.

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So do I, but my computer started glitching, and then said “Logging Out in 60 Seconds”. I shut off my computer and now whenever it shuts on, my password does not work.

Oh well, I doubt it was eastside.

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I know, but I was on there website when it happened.

I still doubt it, probably was something else.


Series by Eastside? I wouldn’t really trust them for their ‘innocent’ act… Can’t believe it.


What “innocent” act have they committed?

Eastside doesn’t have a good history, the Owner of Hyra has stated that Eastside was the one that took Hyra down, as well, a company that Eastside acquired, took the platform’s domain from the owner.

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I can confirm some of this - Eastside tried to acquire RankGun for a bad price, and tried to take advantage of us and mislead us into believing their offer was good.

Are you fine with telling me how much they wanted to buy it from you?

I understand if you’d not like to tell it.

Yes, if I believe correctly it was 5K. With a non-compete clause of 10 years. I would have done it but the non compete clause is way too high.