Should Roblox change the menu screen?

Hey everyone!

You all know that the little Roblox icon in the top-left corner of every game opens up the Roblox-default menu screen, where you can leave the game and customize settings!

However, I believe it’s very old fashioned looking and needs an upgrade.

Do you think this should happen? Let me know below! :wink:


I don’t think they should, it seems to do it’s job and there are no errors within it.

They did that in the Beta.

How is it old fashioned? Literally no roblox user complains about the menu?

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The screen is very old and it’s never really been changed, compared to other desfault interfaces it could be better.

It doesn’t need to be changed, NO roblox user has complained about it until now when you bring up how it’s “old”. This is a legacy within Roblox and everyone will be sad when it’s gone that’s why they aren’t updating it.

We both have different opinions, and I understand that. From my point of view it seems a bit out of date, that’s also why I asked if Roblox should be changing the menu screen. I’m not saying they should change it entirely.

I’m sure there are some users who do have some opinions on this, I’m not certain that nobody on the Roblox platform has not complained.

Ah, but is there any evidence that supports this? It could be because of Roblox’s legacy, but I’m sure it could possibly be some other reason as well.

Okay okay, can you go on the DevForum and find me a post about people asking for the menu to be changed, can you also do the same for twitter and YouTube?

Sure. I’ve already found several posts on the DevForum after a quick search. Many users want to customize the default menu screen (also known as the escape menu);

Article 1
Article 2
Article 3

This one here is feature request from someone to change the escape menu.

I could check Twitter and YouTube as well, if you still want me to.

Genuinely do whatever, I don’t care at this point.