Spatial Voice Available For Games!

Hi developers!

If you did not know, earlier today ROBLOX officially announced that voice chat can be enabled in you ROBLOX game!! Currently, though, it’s still in beta, and only vc beta testers can use it as for now. Thoughts on this?

DevHub Page - Spatial Voice

Epics, that’s super cool, I will try it out. :eyes:

Hopefully they add a search term so you can see if the game has voice chat or not.

I think that’s super-cool! Honestly, as long as voice chat will have a filter or something like that, everything will be fine. I can’t wait to be released to everyone! :smiley:

Spatial voice is just fall of swears, racism, ect.

Its not a great place to be.

They should add a “friends” only voice chat feature.

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