Spring Activity Competition - Final Results

Spring Activity Competition - Final Results

Wow! :tada:

We’re finally here, the final scores are out, I would like to thank everybody who contributed to the event, everyone did very well, the forums were moderately moderated, most spam posts getting cleaned and dealt with.

Without further ado, here are the final scores for the top 3:

Username Points Position
oh20_rblx 505.5 #1
scriptedoreo 505.5 #1
FriX_0z 159 #3

The winners will be winning R$1000 each, a certificate!

What a draw, insane!

The top 3 will also receive certificates.

For more info read the main post.

Thank you for playing,

Cookie Tech

Well done to everyone who participated within this competition, but a big well done to @OH20_rbLX for managing to draw with me!

Best of luck next time guys!

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Congratulations to everyone who participated! :partying_face:

Evidence 1:

Evidence 2:


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@OH20_rbLX @Deleted_User12 @FriX_0z


So we three are #1? Lol oops :joy::joy:
Also, is there prize for second and third?

There was only a prize for #1, which was @OH20_rbLX and myself.

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