Starblox’s drama?

Hello, Cookie Tech Forums.
Recently, most of you probably heard; Starblox got locked.

Why? Because the owner, Destin was exploiting on his main. He got banned, causing the group to get locked.
Due to this; an SHR from Starblox made a new group, assuming Destin would approve of this. He did not. He essentially threw a tantrum, trying to ddos and ip grab that SHR. After this, the group was blacklisted and now drama continues about which group is better.

My opinion;
I honestly think that the SHR, Crisp’s group is better. He’s a much better leader in groups and knows how to run a group. Destin has been exposed on multiple occasions, stealing assets from groups such as Venti. This may not be able to be proved, but sufficient evidence has been laid before us. I have also witnessed this first-hand, while in a group chat with him. He is quite rude and in fact very disrespectful.

I’d love to hear your opinions on this as well.

-Your local news reporter Forums Mod,

What is Starblox? Lol.

That guy is not chill, and DDoS attacks are also illegal in some places … he should not have done that.

I’m pretty sure it’s some cafe group, probably a modified version of Starbucks but on Roblox with a changed name.

Starblox is a large cafe on the Roblox platform. Or, was I should say.

Also, may I add he threatened to kill the SHR’s family, all simply over this. This is obviously going way to far, again attempted to DDoS and IP grab as well, which, could be illegal in some places.

Who is this guy’s username? That could land you in jail for decades.

Come to think of it, I think a DDoS attack is illegal almost everywhere …

WOAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH KILL?!!?!? IP grab is like address right? (sorry xd)

IP would be a location I believe.

The SHR’s username is crispyboyblue, I’m unaware of Star’s username, however he could get banned again for bypassing an IP ban.

Yeah looks like he was recently terminated.

The IP isn’t the biggest deal, however a DDoS is a crime.

Like read this, it’s childish.

The owner of starblox copied some of the venti logo and when asked to remove it, the starblox owner acts like a little child.

If you conduct a DDoS attack, or make, supply or obtain stresser or booter services, you could receive a prison sentence, a fine or both or in other words, a DDos attack can put you in prison for 10 years.

These are some 13+ recommended images here (they contain strong speech):

Evidence of the owner doing bad things.

They have also been raided multiple times, lack of professionalism, rudeness, incorrect speech in the workplace and reasons that could go on forever.

Source: Starblox exposed | Finale(?) - YouTube

In the source, (I hope it should be reliable, strong language warning), you can see why this group got raided & shutdown, feel free to watch it yourself though.

Crisp wasn’t terminated; that’s likely just the avatar.

Drama is fun and all to watch, but I rightfully think Star got terminated for correct reasons. Yes, they say and DENY the fact he was terminated for false reasons, but in actual fact they are to scared to admit the truth.

Yes, the truth may hurt sometimes, but to lie to your own community and say “Oh I was terminated for false reasons” get’s you a bad view(not like he already had one).

If he was terminated for false reasons, I would still have no sympathy for the human as in the end of the day, he was racists, an exploiter, and a toxic owner who ran a toxic group. If he does end up getting unbanned, I don’t think most of the Roblox Community will be happy about it.

I fully agree. :smiley: It is kinda sad…

Really just appalling behaviour, he had got away with it for long enough, this had already been an issue for a few month, he deserved what he got.

Pretty sure it’s StarsNotSus.

Not sure if you caught it, but one SHR was selling ranks cheaper to white men then anyone else.

It’s a terrible corrupt group and I’m glad it’s locked.

Actually, it’s StarbloxSanta.

Got deleted.