Team Group command


I was wondering how I can make grouping command to group people for training in an upcoming game.

It is kind of hard to explain so I added an image to get a better understanding!

Please let me know.

You can probably just make teams with groups and then use a admin command like :randomizeteams players teams

Do you know about the roblox teams service?

Put the player on a team, then when they are assigned the team change the nametag they receive!

This should do the trick. :slight_smile:

could you send me a possible video tutorial on how to do this?

No, never made anything like this. You will have to ever research or make your own.

alright, would you be able to breifly explain what I need to do from the website since it covers alot of things?


  • Use Teams Service to make teams
  • Make a text command that allows you to change a players team.
  • Make a billboardUI title.
  • Make a script that detects when the team is changed clone the billboardUi into the head & edit the text to the team name.

alright, just i recently started scripting and dont really know how to do that.

is there an alternate/simpler way to do this, possibly with a command?

This seems like you’re asking for free scripts…

You could do what I said or use a training system. You could use this,

i dont think it has 100% what you need but it works and I use it

thank you this is perfect!

Please mark it as the fix.

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