Tell me what UIs to make

Hey everyone!

Currently, I’m planning to create serveral UIs for fun, with any style, to improve my skills. So, I’m willing to design any UI at the best of my ability that is suggested!

You may comment below and I’ll attempt to make that specific UI within a few days or weeks!

Military, and you could also make tutorials on how to make military UI, possibly how to script it? :wink:

Can you elaborate on this “military UI?” I’m not going to script them, just design them and show the results via image files here once they are done.

I might make UI designing tutorials but, currently, I’m still learning how to use YouTube Studio and how to make videos.

Just like military menu, dark, not cartoony, as in they don’t typically use curves.

I know nothing about UI, but I love your work and can’t wait to see what you accomplish!