The Detective - Opinions?

Hello everyone!

As you may know we have a @moderators team. These people keep the forums & Cookie Tech Discord, a clean and friend place.

However, you may be aware of a user that goes by the name of, @Conos.

Conos is actually a discord bot developer, and has developed a bot called “The Detective”.

The detective is a bot which allows you to solve cases in-order to receive “money” the in-game currency.

I and probably Conos would be excited if you could check out the bot and give it a review.

You can test out the bot by using the #bot-commands channel in our discord server!

You can then run d!help and you will get guided around the bot.

Once you have had a go using the bot, feel free to give us a review down below in the replies & use our rating system.

The Detective (Review)
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Psst , want to support the detective?
  • Invite the bot here.

  • Or join the support server here.


You need to add more things you can do to the bot.

Maybe things such as “d!negotiate”, to go to a crime scene and negotiate with the criminals.

“d!investiage”, head to a crime scene and can you search places to find clues.

And more features, at the moment if becomes irritating for the user to have to wait 10 minutes for a new case.

You want your users to be attracted and to be able to do something while they wait for the 10 mintues to finish.


Yeah. That would be pretty hard to make especially since the case is a wait_for event. I am planing on added other big features next week.


I mean those commands could be different cogs, no?


Cogs have nothing to do with that lmao.


No, isn’t the event local to the command?

Couldn’t you then have different commands with different variables local to them.

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