The UK government made an official Discord Server

Discord is chaotic.

The HM Treasury just made a terrible decision.

This is one of the most stupid things I’ve seen in forever.


This is a read only server, meaning you can’t even chat, it’s also a terrible idea in general, you might as well use a google docs if your using discord as a read only server.

You can already tell that some silly meeting led to this, “Let’s connect with the younger generation!”.

If you look on the right there are a lot of bad things in peoples statuses:


The server is also being severely botted, and many people are joining:

They’ve already closed reactions due to the abuse it’s getting and they’re getting 15+ members every minute, it’s ridiculous.

I wonder why… they turned off reactions…


Also joins and reactions where turned off, then later they’ve been turned on.

The massive issue is they have no idea what they’re doing, they have no moderation bots no nothing, just this one “SocialAdmin”, I believe if they want to grow, they need announcement channels, bots, slowmode, disabled reactions and a lot more.

They may need to pay for a custom bot.

What are your opinions on this?

Should they keep it, or should they remove it?

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Remove it. After seeing Matt Hancock within the Jungle of IAC, I feel the government isn’t going to hold a strong place anymore. I feel King Charles has the power of abolish the government and become and absolute monarch, because let’s face it, the UK is at a massive risk as it is, especially with the cost of living at this current moment.
This discord server is going to get attacked, and by the looks of the pictures, it’s already being attacked, worse are going to happen. No doubt in that.

This is crazy …

I never expected governments to use Discord servers, I have a feeling they’re trying to get off from Twitter … wonder if they will all begin to use Discord for communication?

Doubt it. Discord is a fun place to be, but it’s an easy place to attack people, and the government is going to get attacked massively for this.

They already have, you can’t use discord as a read only platform, if they want to communicate, they’ll need a very good moderation system/bot.