This is a tragic game death

Does this ring any bells?

A LOT of people have grown up with this game, so to see it drop is truly something tragic. Most people are aware of the original Roblox Highschool Games, some even familiar with the 2nd version!

Unfortunately this game is no longer accessible to many players, so if you got to access it before this happened consider yourself lucky.

Some time ago this random description popped up:

24 hours is a lot of time, approximately 1 million have this badge, so well done to those lucky few.

This is what happens if you don’t havethe 24+ hours badge:

You’re teleported away.

This is tragic, where you a RHS Legacy player?

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this makes me sad, plus the new 2 isnt that good. v1 of 2 was amazing. im sad to see this shutdown but its overdue tbh

Do you think the technology was good for it’s time?

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I personally only played like 30 mins of the 2nd edition to try and get the badge in the 2019 badge hunt.

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