Tolv (formally hyum) ranking | Reliable ranking service

Buckle up. Tolv is coming back.

We are beginning with our new website.

More updates coming soon :eyes:

We are officially joining Atlan! :tada:


Can you send some photos of the application center?

What do you host this on?

Also what benefit do you gain from a user being a roblox premium?


As a roblox premium user, I’m interested in this, however, could I have some screenshots of your interface?

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It says: Training centre Systems to help support your Roblox company!
We also supply Better support!

As a ROBLOX premium, I might be interested as well - could we see some screenshots of your interface?


Pretty cool, but what is ranking? Yes I know you have a application center but what’s your other one?

Could you describe the Premium benifits a bit more (and provide some images?) I don’t really understand how we’ll get better support … does that mean we’re kind of in the “priority” line or something similar?

Yes, Priority. Also, we are still working on the UI so it wont look good yet.

You choose what we host it on!

Ranking is like ranking a player automatically.

Still in BETA, we are just giving the UI the final touches it needs.

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  • No

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Should we make a rank management center?

EDIT: Our development team is on it now!

We might be closing all our services for a few days, as we have like no support team members.

I might be able to help with this, should it be only a few hours required per week.

I can be a support member! I can also make a website.

I can help!

Wait, you don’t have a dedicated server?

What are your options?

If you plan on using glitch or replit, don’t, it’s unreliable.

Also, like @Noah said, you should have a dedicated server.

Additionally, why are you selling if you don’t even have the ui yet?

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