Tons of platforms going down | What's happening?

This is a bit off-topic. But many services have been going down.

If you take a look they all have peaks, this outage has affected our discord server, making our discord server unaccessible.

Some people suggest it may be a Russian hacking or a general hacking or that some of the major “backbone” of the web has issues.

How could it be a Russian hacker? I think everything going on over in the country now is being frowned upon which is should be, but this shouldn’t be an excuse to blame everything on Russia. This could be something within the actual server it’s self :man_shrugging:

I don’t want to start anything political (this is not the place for that), but I’ve heard from people who have experience in server development that Russia may be intentionally trying to affect servers to punish countries for putting them on restrictions. Once again I want to make it very clear that I’m not accusing anybody of anything, it’s just a possible thing that may have happened, once again I don’t want this to turn into a political standoff, I just want to make all the possible theories clear to the daylight so that everybody is on an even understanding, next time I should make this a bit more clear.


Many things could be happening here, it’s most likely a backbone of the web has slipped, which lead to many other services being affected via the outage.

Strange … Facebook has to be an exception, though, since it’s now been blocked in Russia. I won’t evaluate on this since that may be a bit too political.

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I heard this is because the amazon web client was down and all of these websites have used this hosting

Ah yes, but AWS instances don’t go down “randomly”, so maybe it was just a AWS update collapsing.