Trading UI | Feedback

Hey everyone!

Recently, I created this trading UI, and I would like some feedback on it!

Feedback is very important to me, so any feedback provided will be taken into consideration!

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This UI is very modern, and very clean! I do love the design of it but it would look better if you moved the Accept/Decline frame down to the bottom!

Hope this helps!

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I think you made a grammar mistake, don’t really get what you mean by ‘… loved the Accept/DeclineFrame’

Edited, thanks for noticing!


So now that you edited it, in reply to that message, are you talking about the Accept/Decline buttons? There’s no specific frame for those two buttons …

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I would probably put this in the centre, or down the bottom.

I’d say if its for a game like Lumber Tycoon 2 use that but if its for like more of a cartoon game I would make it more colorful.