Training centre Rating

Hello, I just wanted to ask. If you think this is a good training centre! Have a nice day!

I would personally rate it a solid 8/10. I feel there is to much white around the training centre, but otherwise okay.

I’d rate this about a 7/10, it’s an incredible build just very bland in terms of color, it would be incredible making use of the textures feature in studio for wall textures. Apologies if I was harsh! :grinning:

Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you for the feedback! I appreciate it

It good do with a 6 out of 10, it looks a bit outdated and its really white! Trying adding some more colour to it and some more windows

2/10 - I would like to always give my honest views, I don’t want to say something is good when I personally feel I think it’s not, you improve by people giving you feedback.

This is my personal opinion & no bad intent is meant, hopefully this feedback will give you the encouragement to go back and improve!

  • Personally I feel this training centre is incredibly bland, it’s pure white & has no variation.
  • You can tell free models are used in the build, it switches from realistic to low poly parts.
  • The lights are way to bright.
  • The windows don’t match with the upper windows

As a player I wouldn’t want to play this, I hope you can improve this build, good luck & happy building :building_construction: !

Feels a bit Bland, and not my style. 6/10