Training session scheduling board

Hello! I want to make a session scheduling board where once a certain rank clicks “Book a session!” It shows a UI where the player has to select training/interview/shift (not really required) and when the player clicks next or an arrow it shows the time when the player wants to book his session. Each training needs a gap of 15 mins, so the player cant enter a timing but the system shows the next availble timing, example if i book a session at 1 pm EST the next one should be at 2 PM EST because a session is 45 mins long. The player should also have the availbility to cancek the session. Also, it shouldn’t be one from Trello.

Hm I think you would need to use trello as It might be the only way!

No, you could do it locally fully inside of Roblox but it will be complicated for non experienced individuals.

How?? Also if you could, could you recomend any similar models or smtg like that?

Hmm, that is right but, i think using trelli would be harder because there will be more HRs, so yeah.

You would have to use datastores.

Yeah, I am aware of that.

Something like at Nova.

Yeh, you’ll have to code it.

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