True colours roblox drama

Recently there was a roblox group that has been here for a long time under the name of “true colours”.

It was a group on Roblox with a direction of being a LGBTQ+ safe hang out. Recently they have changed their entire group message to be following Jesus & obviously the majority of the community is not happy with this change.

Today the owner announced why they renamed the group & let’s dive into that:

Psttt, I hate reading badly formatted paragraphs too. :cry:

There’s going to be a lot of disagreement with this, but I think they are genuine about this, but for having a group for so long that’s primarily LBGTQ+ prioritised, but then changing it to help people find god, won’t help people find god.

If people are truly passionate about a certain religion they wouldn’t exactly find it. The owner of the group should have just made a secondary group for this purpose. As this is already a well established community.

Owning a community isn’t specifically about you, especially if you focus on a very specific topic it is not up to you what happens. the entire community should have a say in it. It was poorly handled.

What are your opinions on this?