UAE coming to roblox - Multiple Partnership

Hi cookie tech,

According to a tweet by RTC “The country of UAE is coming to roblox, in partnership with multiple companies that produce entertainment. The department of T & C announced they would be recreating the Yas islands in Roblox. It’s expected to release 2023”.

A couple of years ago the country of UAE blocked Roblox as the government believed the game was dangerous for children. It turned out the UAE eventually did unban Roblox after 3 years.

I’ve never heard of the Yas Islands but apparently, it’s an extremely popular tourist attraction in the UAE, I wonder how an entire company wants to collab with Roblox.

I believe this may a bit of a publicity stunt, but besides that I think Roblox is really starting to connect and gain better social links which will definitely strengthen the relationships.

I would love to hear your opinion and hear if you think this is just a stunt, if the game will just be another crappy roblox event, or if this game will genuinely be well built.