UGC Top Hat | Rating

Hi Cookie Tech!

So, I did something very worth my time today and I tried to create a nice little top hat in Blender.


It’s not the best, but I tried!

So, what do you all think? Leave your opinions below!


It looks amazing, maybe tilt the top of the hat to look it it’s falling down but stuck in the user’s head.

Like this,


I love the fact you say it’s amazing for such a bad quality in that had I made! You really did make my day by saying that as I did this as some sort of joke! I could give it a go at designing this top hat again, and I will certainly use your idea, thanks!

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heyyy! thats a good start!

Is this your first time making UGC items?

It is indeed, hopefully when I start to learn way more I can become more better and hopefully get into the program (It won’t happen, my ambitions are high though)

It’s pretty good! Perhaps you should make the base of the hat somewhat larger.

It’s very basic, maybe try adding some more pizzazz, also try giving it a texture.

For the first ever UGC I’ve done as a joke, I could actually turn this into a hat on Roblox and hopefully get it uploaded onto the Catalog. I will be trying all your ideas out tonight!