UI scaling on all devices issue

Hey everyone!

About a day ago, I posted a topic asking for feedback on my country statistics UI which I’m designing for a commission.

However, I’m having issues making it scale properly on all devices.

Before you comment, note that I used UIAspectRatioConstraints on all the frames, images labels, text labels and buttons.

I also set every element size to 0.1,0,0.1,0 before sizing them with the scale boxes, and I’m unsure what I am missing.

Any help would be appreciated! :heart:

Do you have any screenshots of the issue?

Yeah, I have these two images here … it doesn’t fit properly on other devices other than PC/Computer.

Edit: The frames are now scaled properly, however the text labels aren’t even when scaled to fit is enabled.

I have this issue all the time. Roblox is meant to be releasing a scaling auto size so it fits on every device like how you made it in studio.

When might they release this?

I don’t actually know, but it would be good for all UI designers.

Yeah, it would make scaling a lot easier … instead of using plugins, etc.

Have you made sure you don’t have any of the weird effects as a child of the UI element?