Unable to get onto the DevForum

Hey There, Cookie Tech!

Around a week ago, I found out I could get on the DevForum. I noticed when I logged in, I got this:

I’m going to guess this was because my account was set to under 13 a while ago by a hacker…

What should I do?

This sounds like a story. 0_0

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They do not want little kids typing on forums because they might just spam.

Try contacting Roblox and asking to set your account back to your age.

Hope this helps.

<13 accounts are not permitted to do much, if you need help reseting it, roblox support makes it super easy.

Hey, @Boo,

If your age is under 13, you’re not able to use the DevForum.

Additionally, I noticed you said:

I bolded the “A while” because, after a certain period of time, roblox refuses to age up the account (at least from what I can find from my research).

Hopefully this helps,

Yeah. They make VC ineligible, DevForum, Talent Hub, etc.

Yeah, It’s annoying for hacked accounts they got back.

If your okay with verifying your id on roblox it then fixes your age.

I used one of my government assigned identifications to verify.

EDIT: Devforum is DOWN, you cannot do any other actions than Read things…

“This site is in read only mode. Please continue to browse, but replying, likes, and other actions are disabled for now.”


My account is under 13, so it does not appear.,

If you have access to your account, couldn’t you simply change the age … ?

Unfortunately not. You have to contact roblox support within a few days to reset the age, or they’ll decline your request.

They stated the day before that maintenance will take place on the DevForum in order to keep it healthy.

Do you have an email attached to your account? If you send them a request to reset your age — or your password so that you can re-enter your account and change the age — then they will know that your email is associated with your Roblox account therefore Roblox Support will acknowledge you are the rightful account owner.

I know many others have said this but you HAVE to contact roblox support to make your account 13+.

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If your account has been hacked you can always notify roblox customer support & ask for a rollback.