[UPDATED] Oreo - Builder and Map Designer


About Me

Hey! I am ScriptedOreo I have been working on the ROBLOX platform for around 2 years now. I have an excessive passion for Development, I am self-taught into lowpoly development, and am currently in a passion with working on High-Poly projects.
I have worked with many groups and have started my own just recently under the name of Ember Island Corrections Facility. I would say my strongest point in development is LowPoly and UI is coming along slowly. I have had many awesome reviews and vouches from customers.


➜ Ember Island Corrections Facility: Ember Island Corrections Facility - Roblox

Commission Prices:
➜ Small Build - 1K R$
➜ Medium Build -2K - 2.7K R$
➜ Large Build - 3K+ R$

To find out more privately message me or contact me via Discord!
I am currently not accepting commissions on Discord; this will be changed when I am.

Previous Work


User Interface



Thanks for reading!

TIP: Always get your images in a high quality format, this will intrigue the client, then once you do more stuff, start adding the work onto your portfolio, then when people ask for past work, you can just link them this!

It’s like a little document to keep all your work.

If you ever want to make a little notepad or something, feel free to use #bulletin-boards!


All of this is going to be updated within the next couple of days, with all new pictures of all my work, & all the prices will be updated to fit the requirements of the work.

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